# Introduction

The term GameFi refers to the financialization of gaming. Similar to the term DeFi, or decentralized finance, GameFi combines the words “game” and “finance.” In this section, we introduce the concept of GameFi in the context of Unity game development. The objective of this document section is demonstrates how to Bridge games to the Cronos EVM Chain, using Unity. The ChainSafe Gaming SDK (opens new window) assets are used for the Unity build.

# Overview

Cronos Play Gaming SDK opens up the opportunity for connecting the gaming world with Cronos! It allows you to integrate your gaming platform with Cronos, and to create a seamless experience for your players, for example we can:

  • Connect and interact with Cronos networks;
  • Provide in-game NFTs functionality;
  • Authenticate by using different crypto wallets;
  • ..and many more to come.

Currently, Cronos Play supports the Unity game engine as a starting point, and it will be extended to support other game engines in the future.

# Cronos Plays Documentation

This documentation showcases the Cronos play Gaming SDK integration with the Cronos chain, aiming to bring Unity games into the Cronos ecosystem. In particular, we will show how to do a basic integration of the Cronos play with the Cronos chain including:

  • Connecting to Cronos networks;
  • Installaiton of the SDK;
  • Obtaining a sample NFT and;
  • Import Sample package from Unity Asset Store

# ChainSafe SDK

The underlying SDK for this documentation has been developed and curated by ChainSafe. For additional operations and methods please refer to the ChainSafe Documentation (opens new window).